Fun Free Download – Keys

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Why hello there! I hope you’re doing fantastic!  

I was clearing out some of my crafting things when I came across a bunch of random keys. I collect them to use for projects and stuff. Well, I thought it would be neat to scan them in to use in digital art or whatever.  

I have uploaded two different formats – well I hope.  The jpeg is supposed to have a white background the PNG is supposed to be a transparent background.

Feel free to download and play around with them. I thought they were cool so maybe you might too.

If you want to play around with they keys, and do not have Photoshop, there is a program to experiment with.

There is a really neat program that is very close to Photoshop called Pixlr Editor: .  It’s a web based program so you do not have to download anything and it is so much fun. I hope this helps.

Have fun!


Download link here


Download link here

Laguna Beach California Sawdust Arts Festival 2014

The Sawdust Art Festival is a non-profit organization. Its goal… educate the public and
promote the art created in Laguna Beach. It is so much fun, if your local you must check out the amazing sawdust-covered paths and wander around the handcrafted village.

The Laguna Beach Sawdust Arts Festival is held every year in Laguna Canyon California. This year the festival will run from Friday June 27 – August 3.  This is an awesome little setup nestled in the beautiful Laguna Canyon just before you hit Laguna Beach.

This festival is a ton of fun. There are so many different local vendors showcasing their handmade art. The talent is amazing and there is something new and different around every corner.


Sawdust Arts Festival Laguna Canyon 2014 Sawdust Arts Festival Laguna Canyon 2014 Sawdust Arts Festival Laguna Canyon 2014 Sawdust Arts Festival Laguna Canyon 2014 Sawdust Arts Festival Laguna Canyon 2014 Sawdust Arts Festival Laguna Canyon 2014


This year my boyfriends band the “LA Soul Project” played for a few hours..

LA Soul Project

LA Soul Project   (My boyfriend is the drummer) 😀

They were a big hit!

LA Soul Project at the Sawdust Arts festival 2014

LA Soul Project at the Sawdust Arts festival 2014


Full of food, live music, artists and more check out the Sawdust Arts Festival.

For More information about the Sawdust Arts Festival go here –>



Escape to Mammoth Mountain


I am sorry it has been so long since my last post. There have been many things going on in my little universe. A vacation, a move and a whole bunch of other stuff all crammed into one little month.
I am finally all moved and will hopefully have all my crafting and sewing paraphernalia sorted so I can get some work done!

The beginning of June started with an amazing but too short trip up North to Rock Creek in the Mammoth Mountains for fishing and some hiking. The pictures are from day two, You would never know it but the day before was overcast and the second we hit our camping site it started raining! So we had to set up our tents in the rain! I love the rain and we were quick at tent set up so at least we were able to get a fire going …. I must say there is nothing like sitting out in the rain around a fire in the woods!  It is amazing up there, It’s crazy to still see snow on the mountains in California in June.

A beautiful day for fishin'!

A beautiful day for fishin’!

Oooh where does this go!

Ooh where does this go!

An Awesome Creek

An Awesome Creek

Oh what a sky!

Oh what a sky!


Holy snow capped mountains Batman!

Holy snow capped mountains Batman!

I could live right here!

I could live right here!

Love these mountains!

Love these mountains!

Love these mountains!

Love these mountains!

I even found a mushroom!! Now that's a good day!

I even found a mushroom!! Now that’s a good day!

Much more to come so keep in touch!

Photo Friday – Birds Nest Fungi!

Birds Nest Fungi

It’s no secret that I have had a life long obsession with fungi.  I dig mold, lichen and Mushrooms! I am completely fascinated on all levels. So I was so excited when I found this Bird Nest Mushroom in Oklahoma last spring. I have always wanted to find this kind but they are so tiny! They are only about 1/4 inch in diameter.

We were out walking with the neighbor’s dog when she lead us down the street to a neighbor’s pond. I was looking for mushrooms but not that kind. It was fate, I dropped something and when I picked it up I noticed the Birds Nest Fungi right next to it! I took some home and experimented. I watered it everyday and it actually grew! It was fun!

birds nest fungi

The little “nests” or fruiting body holds the little “eggs” which are spore filled.  The nests are called “peridia” (“peridium” in the singular), they work like splash cups, raindrops fall into the nest, then the eggs (called “periodoles”) are thrown into the air, where they latch onto twigs, branches, leaves, and then continue to grow.

birds nest fungi 3