Resin Mold Update

Good Afternoon!

I finished the experimental resin mold.  Of course, I could not wait a second before filling it with resin to see what it was I had to work with. This is my first attempt, it is kind of like the “first pancake”, it may not be perfect but it is a good test.


After the Resin dried..


The resin came out OK .. They were super clear on one side, but the side in the mold came out a tiny bit foggy and a bit textured. I think I just need to work with resin a little bit more, just to get more comfortable with it.

The mold clay worked great. It kept the shape of the original piece, which was a sticker, so considering that it worked great.  Once baked it is flexible enough to easily remove the resin.

I used a sharpie to color the little one just as an experiment. 😀

So many possibilities!

Now I’m off to make ….. something!

Happy Crafting, and Have a wonderful day!

Making Resin Molds

Hi! Hope your having a wonderful day!

Today I am attempting to make resin molds. This is my first try, hopefully it will go smoothly. The mold maker I chose is a clay. It is really easy to use. Sculpey Mold Maker is the exact brand. It was about 12.00 at Micheal’s crafts. You basically play with the clay until it becomes soft. Then roll it out and press what ever you are molding into the clay. Once your satisfied you remove the object, and bake the clay.

So far so good.

Pics and info to come!

Have you created a resin mold? How did it go for you?