Resin Mold Update

Good Afternoon!

I finished the experimental resin mold.  Of course, I could not wait a second before filling it with resin to see what it was I had to work with. This is my first attempt, it is kind of like the “first pancake”, it may not be perfect but it is a good test.


After the Resin dried..


The resin came out OK .. They were super clear on one side, but the side in the mold came out a tiny bit foggy and a bit textured. I think I just need to work with resin a little bit more, just to get more comfortable with it.

The mold clay worked great. It kept the shape of the original piece, which was a sticker, so considering that it worked great.  Once baked it is flexible enough to easily remove the resin.

I used a sharpie to color the little one just as an experiment. 😀

So many possibilities!

Now I’m off to make ….. something!

Happy Crafting, and Have a wonderful day!

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