A Photo Thursday- A Little Batty for Earthday

What are you doing for Earth Day!

Earth day is April 22, we should take a moment and appreciate what a beautiful diverse world we live in.
Like a bat, like this little guy for instance, how often do we take the time to appreciate a simple bat, that may seem creepy to many but with out a bat our world would not be the same.Bats are important to our ecosystems and human economies. Bats consume huge amounts of insects, including harmful agricultural pests.

Bats can also pollinate countless plants, helping out the production of fruits that support local economies, as well as animal populations.

Learn more about Bats: http://www.batcon.org/index.php/all-about-bats/intro-to-bats/subcategory/18.html

Learn more about Earth Day: http://www.earthday.org/

Have a great weekend!

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