I Tried it! Reviews! Printed Treasures Iron-On Inkjet Printable Fabric made by Dritz

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Review: Printed Treasures Iron-On Inkjet Printable Fabric made by Dritz

printed treasures

Overview: Printable Fabric, Package states: Quick & Easy, Superior Washability, Paperlike Quality, 200 thread count pima cotton. Print, Peel and Iron. Ideal for Photo printing.

Three 8.5in x 11 in sheets to a pack

Price ranges anywhere from $8 to $13.

The pros and cons:


  • Easy to use
  • Sturdy
  • Good for pillows
  • Big sheet to work work with
  • Easy to sew
  • Not expensive
  • Many of possibilities


  • Possible fading over time.
  • The sheet is thin – I would not put light picture on dark background.

Other people’s opinions:

I checked out reviews from Amazon.com and Overstock.com and overall they received really great reviews.

Both site’s reviews gave the product four and a half stars.  Everyone that used it found it really easy to use and thought the pictures came out great.

There were some comments that stated after a few washings the picture fades.

Final opinion:  

I tried the Printed Treasures printable Iron-on fabric on a pillow project.

I created a Memorial Pillow for by friend when her dog went up to the big doggy park in the sky.  I loved that dog!

I printed the picture with no problems, I started with an image that was a bit blurry but it came out just like the picture.

The back was easy to peel off and once you iron it down it’s completely stuck. I didn’t notice any issues with fading but, I gave it away, so I really didn’t get to see how it was washing it.


For my project I was going to be putting a light picture on a dark pillow, the fabric was black with red and white writing (love in cursive).  The picture of Jake was really light because he was white.

  1. I ironed the picture onto a white pillow case first.
  2. Cut it out.
  3. Then I took the cutout picture and sewed it to the fabric with the dark background.
  4. This prevented the black fabric pattern to show through the picture. This totally worked! It was an extra step but if you’re using a strong pattern it helps the picture pop.
  5. I also added a little boarder. When your ironing on a thicker piece of fabric the printed picture is not flat it is a bit stiffer and more raised than the fabric your ironing on, so the border gives it better transition.

I really like this product. I would totally use it again for future projects.

the Jake pillow

the Jake pillow

The Jake Pillow for my friend Dianne

The Jake Pillow for my friend Dianne


  • This product is great for pillows and quick personalized projects. Would also be great for quilts.
  • Read the directions carefully and follow the directions.
  • If product looks old it probably is, the quality might not be as great. There should be no yellowing or peeling.
  • Make sure you are familiar with how your printer feeds. To insure it picks up the paper correctly.

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