Well Owl Be! Make Your Own Wall Decorations

Making your own wall art is fun and easy!
Materials Needed:

  • material
  • canvas
  • paint brushes
  • turpentine (if using Oil)
  • Mod Podge
  1. Gather your materials.
  2. Make sure your canvas is clean, if you notice any dust or dirt give it a wipe.
  3. Start with the oil paint. The owl canvas is painted simple black, but you could depending on your fabric create awesome backgrounds.  I love the richness of oil paint, but it is serious stuff. It is slow drying so you can add colors and mix colors.  It does however, take a while to dry. So if you are using oil this process is going to take days rather than hours.
  4. While drying find your fabric and cut out some designs.  Trim any fly away treads. I cut out an owl
  5. Brush the Mod Podge over the fabric cut outs and apply to the canvas. Once placed on the canvas brush the Mod Podge over the top of the fabric.
  6. Let dry.
  7. Once dry, spray with sealer.
  8. Let dry.
  9. Once that is done, I added the small rhinestones with more Mod Podge.



This is fun, really inexpensive project to quickly update the look of any room. You could do this project alone, with your kids, or friends!

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Little Bottle of Luck by SugarBeetCrafts on Etsy

PIctures Jan feb 2014 367

St. Patty’s Day is just around the corner, March 17th to be exact. Oh, the memories of being pinched and chased as a child makes me wish I would have had this necklace back then! It seems no matter how hard I tried, I ALWAYS forgot to wear green. Man, did I always pay for it too. Not only did you get pinched in my school, it led to all kinds of evil shenanigans!

It took 33 years, but I finally found some 4 leaf clovers in the wild, I just had to go to Oklahoma to find them!

I found this cute 4 leaf clover myself, and added it to a small bottle charm with Mod Podge.

Little Bottle of Luck by SugarBeetCrafts on Etsy

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Have you been pinched on St. Patty’s Day?