2013 and The Tote Bag Challenge

Hello Everyone! I am sorry for the disappearing act again. It was a crazy 2013, it was full of lessons and challenges.

We unfortunately lost two members of my boyfriends family, but were very grateful that both of my boyfriends parents are doing well. The beginning of the year started with my boyfriends father being hospitalized with blood clots in his lungs, and very soon after we found out his mother had liver cancer. We spent most of the year in Oklahoma trying to be whatever help we could be. Thankfully both are doing fantastic, and his mother is cancer free.

I have many plans for Sugar Beet Crafts over the next year. More blog posts, an Etsy account and lots of tutorials and reviews. Thank you for bearing with me during this crazy year. 

I hope this next year is a wonderful change for everyone.

Here is my latest project:

My momma wanted some small pocketed tote bags to fill with goodies to give out to a few friends for Christmas. I am still super new to sewing so these totes took way too long but I was able to finish them up….. then I broke my sewing machine! I did something to it now the timing is off. So hopefully I can get it fixed soon.

Here are some pics my mom and aunt snapped.






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