Adventures in Art Journaling – Spring Butterflies


Dylusions Ink spray!

I love this stuff.

Also used were stamps, black archival ink stamp pad,

and Tim Holtz distress dabber in white, markers, white gel pen.

Art Journal Mothers Day


 Spray the card with a fine mist of water.

Then  spray with Dylusions color ink spray.

Let dry.


Dylusions Art Mar 2014 3


Using the Tim Holtz Distress dabber in white,

I dabbed a flower stamp with the Distress paint then

stamped around the bottom of the card.

Using the same stamp, re-stamp the pattern slightly

off the first white pattern with the black stamp pad.

 Use accent stamps for boarders.

The diamonds were dabbed with white, then outlined with a white gel pen.

Dylusions Art Mar 2014 4


Grab a blank index card, and spray with ink spray for butterflies.

Then stamp the inked index card with a butterfly stamp a few times. Cut them out,

To add detail, color in your stamped butterfly with markers,

 then glue in place.

Let Dry.

Have fun!!


Let’s Make Stickers!

Hi Everyone! I hope everyone is wonderful.  I spent this weekend going through some of my office supplies, and I found a bunch of packs of labels. Then it happened…the idea!

I don’t know why it took me so long to do this. I love stickers.. I mean LOVE stickers. I have a wicked collection.

Lately, I have been sealing packages and letters with them but I wanted something more personalized without spending a bunch of money.  Then lightning struck, I can make my own!!

So, if your like me your might have packages of labels around collecting dust. I always have leftovers from yard sales and organizational sprees, or if you burn your own CD’s, you might have those CD Label making programs,they usually leave you with left over sticker parts. I keep everything I might be able to use later on (no, I haven’t reached hoarder status…yet).


stickers 2

I kept the CD label thingy because I thought I could use the round part or the thin CD case labels.

So lets make some stickers…

You want to start with a background.

I used Dylusions Ink spray and sprayed the labels. You could totally use ink pads or markers. Once covered let them dry.

stickers 3

Next, Use a lighter color stamp pad to stamp a pattern onto the background. This part is fun, you can do a million different things.

stickers 4

Next, More stamping..Use letters, pictures, whatever your heart desires. I was making Thank You & Sugar Beet Crafts Stickers.

Stickers 6

Stickers 7

ScreenHunter_141 May. 18 20.23

You can use a white or metallic pen to make some fun highlights…

ScreenHunter_142 May. 18 20.23

sticker 17

Here are some more fun ideas…stamps and markers. The background was done by rubbing the labels with a stamp pad, stamping and filling in with markers.

Stickers 7

sticker 8

ScreenHunter_120 May. 18 17.29ScreenHunter_118 May. 18 17.29sticker 8ScreenHunter_116 May. 18 17.28

Here is a fun way to use the thin strips of sticker for the side of the CD case…

Doodle across the lines…

sticker 15

Then remove for an awesome sticker!

stickers 18

Use it to decorate a card..

sticker 18 ScreenHunter_136 May. 18 19.31

I am already totally addicted. It is a fun way to add some pizzazz to any project. It’s also super sweet to get a personalized handmade anything.

This would be so fun to do with kids, and you have no guilt because you get to use up some extra’s lying around. The environment gives you a big hug for that!

I hope this gets your imagination going!

What will you make?

I would love to see your stickers!

Make/Decorate Cards with Scrap Paper

Making your own cards is such an awesome way to inspire someone, cheer someone up or simply let them know your thinking about them. Everyone loves to receive a card and if your like me you probably have tons of scraps somewhere.

What better way to use them up than to make cards!  I try not to throw anything I can use in a later project away, which means I am always looking for ways to use up old scraps of paper!  I made a bunch of inspirational cards last year, it was really fun, and it was a great way to use odd scraps.

Here are a few ideas to get those creative juices flowin’!

Digital Stamps, quotes and construction paper

Digital Stamps, quotes and construction paper



Buttons! Construction paper and stamps.

Buttons! Construction paper and stamps.

Felt, stamps, construction paper, foam paper.

Felt, stamps, construction paper, foam paper.

Digital Stamps and Quotes, construction paper, and stamps

Digital Stamps and Quotes, construction paper, and stamps

More Scraps Construction paper, embellishments, stickers, stamps

More Scraps Construction paper, embellishments, stickers, stamps

Add some inspiration, Its like sending a hug

Add some inspiration, Its like sending a hug

Fun with markers.. Go on.. go crazy with markers and will make someone smile

Fun with markers.. Go on.. go crazy with markers and stamps…it will make someone smile

Vintage Wrapping Paper and construction paper scraps were used for this card..along with some stamps

Vintage Wrapping Paper and construction paper scraps were used for this card..along with some stamps

Do you like to make cards out of scraps? Or have you been inspired to make one? Leave a comment, pic, or drop a link I would love to check it out!

Fun Ways to Decorate an Altoids Tin

How cool are Altoids tins? I thought it would be fun to decorate a few, the possibilities are endless!

Paint and Clay!








Puff Paint, Stamps and Embellishments








If you use your imagination the possibilities are endless and you could get completely addicted! The last two are actually Christmas ornaments that I made my mom.  I mod podged a small chain for a hook to the tops, to hang from the tree. If you open it up there is a picture of my family. A great idea for a gift or to show family photos through the years.

I hoped this sparked up your imagination! Now let’s go up-cycle some trash!

The Original Rubber Stamp Convention 2013

Hello Everyone!

First, Let me apologize for the disappearing act! I am now a working girl… again, and it has taken up much of my time.

November 9th and 10th 2013 were the dates of this years The Original Rubber Stamp Convention, held in Carson California.

I have been to state fairs and craft fairs but never a stamp convention!!  Thank goodness my boyfriend went with me to keep me from spending every dime I have. It was awesome! There were wonderful booths and exhibits and classes going on everywhere. It am constantly amazed at the creativity people have. There were some great ideas.

I did purchase a few things..

Anyone that knows me or my other blog (An Indie Advisory) you know that I love mushrooms. I found this mushroom stamp and some other fun stamps





Stamper’s Anonymous >>>

Tim Holtz >>>

I am totally in LOVE with the Tim Holtz brand and all the people he works with including Stamper’s Anonymous.

Stamper’s Anonymous had a booth, I have been drooling over their products for years.  Mario Rossi was even at the booth. I kept telling myself that if I saw him I would say Hello, because I am a huge fan and follow his blogs and such.  Here is hs twitter link :  Well, I saw him and got all fan stupid and ran away. I get a bit shy. So now I am kicking myself. I do that stuff all the time. I get around people I totally admire, get the “I am not worthy complex” and run away, ha I am a nerd!

Anyway, I am kind of well poor, so I do not often purchase craft supplies, I usually have to make my own. I finally broke down and bought some of the dylusions ink spray.  This stuff is AWESOME!!!!   It is so much fun, and the colors are beautiful and vibrant, I wish I could have bought every single color (which I might have done if my boyfriend was not there LOL).  If you have never seen this stuff, I would highly recommend it.


Stamper’s Anonymous info:


I absolutely had a blast, and cannot wait until I have a real chance to play with all my new loot.

Here is some information on the vendors that were at the convention and some info for some upcoming conventions.

There are stamp conventions and stuff all over the country so if you are not in California I would suggest looking online for stamp conventions near you, it is so much fun.



See you soon!