Vintage Clothing A Second Chance

Vintage clothing is amazing, and the fact that some of it is still intact still completely amazes me. Sometimes clothing is a little bit too damaged too actually wear, but sometimes you can find pieces that are completely fixable or up-cycle-able. ¬†ūüėÄ

If you come across a piece of clothing you absolutely love, you can always up-cycle it into something else. Some vintage fabrics are super funky and hard to find. So you will surely have a one of a kind masterpiece.

There is no law that you can’t salvage good parts and make that shirt, tie, skirt or dress into something completely new.

I recently stocked the Sugar Beet Crafts Etsy store with some awesome ties and men’s vintage shirts that would be great as an up-cycle project. I want to keep them all! It prompted me to do some research on projects. There are so many awesome DIY ways to fix up old clothing,¬†especially right now when vintage is super in. So go through Grandma and Grandpa’s closet or hop down to a thrift store and see what treasures you can find!

Here are a few ideas I found online:

Image   Image      Image

I think these Ideas are awesome! Some people are so creative. I personally want to try all of these projects as soon as I have a sewing machine again. I hope your inspired to get out there and change and rearrange some loved items.

Here is a link to some great DIY up-cycled Clothing Tutorials on Pinterest:                                  

Follow this link to a Blog with wonderful tutorials and ideas: Moda E Dicas de Costura (you will need to translate the page)

Oh and follow this link to an awesome Tutorial on how to Up-cycle a Men’s Shirt into a summer blouse: ¬†

More Ideas:

  • Throw Pillows
  • Headbands
  • Scarf
  • Tank Top

Lets save some vintage!

Vintage Shirts and Ties are available online @


Free Tutorial – 9 Step Iron Skillet Handle Covers


Tutorial Title: Iron Skillet Handle Covers

Written By: Brandie @ Sugar Beet Crafts

Tutorial Description:

Cast iron skillet handle covers are a great way to accessorize and keep safe in the kitchen.

Most ‚Äúcoated‚ÄĚ cookware can be toxic after time. In an effort to be healthy we decided in our home to use only cast iron skillets.¬†After burning myself a few times the light bulb in my head went off, ‚ÄúI should make some handle covers!‚ÄĚ I found the perfect fabric, so lets get sewing!

I used a colored thread so you can see the stitches, but you might want to use a thread color that matches the seam binding. I am still new at sewing (and this is my first attempt at this project) so please excuse the crude stitching.

Materials Needed:

  • (4) pieces of material 3 1/2 x ¬†1 inches (two for inside, two for outside)

  • (4) pieces of batting (like polyfil)

  • seam binding – the size of the binding depends on your actual pan handle. You need enough to go around your handle and two short ones for the opening. Mine was aproxomately 15 inches


Step 1: Gather up all your materials

Gather all your materials

Gather all your materials

Step 2: Make a template for your pan handle cover. I used my biggest pan, this way I can make one size that works with all of your pans.

Measure your handle

Measure your handle

Grab a ruler, a big index card and a sharpie. Trace a square all the way around  your handle. Make it about an inch larger than the handle to allow for seams.

Step 3: My panhandle was 2 1/2 x 5 1/2. Cut out your template.  

Measure and cut out handle templates

Measure and cut out handle templates

Step 4: Cut your material. I made the fabric rectangles bigger than my template so that I can trace the template onto the material and use that as a sew line.

cut out your fabric

cut out your fabric

Step 5: Next place your fabrics together,  I used a dark green for the inside and the mushroom print for the outside.

put your material together

put your material together

Your fabric should be right sides out with the polyfill in the middle (put 2 pieces of polyfill in each side, I tried it with just one and it was not quite enough to protect from the heat). You should wind up with two ‚Äúmaterial sandwiches‚ÄĚ.

Step 6: Sew the top three sides of all the layers together using the lines you traced from the template. Then cut off the excess material.

Sew along the template line then cut off the excess

Sew along the template line then cut off the excess

Step 7: You should have two¬†little ‚Äúpillow”pieces that look like this.

two pillow pieces

two pillow pieces

Step 8: Grab your seam binding. Measure out two pieces to fit the bottom of each side. Tuck your material into the binding (make sure both side of the little pillow are covered) then pin. Once pinned sew across the bott

Add seam binding to bottom

Add seam binding to bottom

Step 9: Sew some more seam binding around the remaining three sides. Then using a small amount of the seam binding, make a loop. Pin down the loop to the top and sew.  *Make sure you tuck the ends of the seam binding under for a neater look. 

Pan Handle Cover

Pan Handle Cover


I am sure there is probably a better way of making these, so if you have any tips or tricks please feel free to comment.

I hope you can use this tutorial in the future. If you do make one, I would love to see them!

The trip to Joann’s

It was supposed to be a simple trip to Joann Crafts. I needed an ink pad…and maybe a new stamp.

But there I was…


It was me and miles of fabric.The Colors, the Prints, the Patterns. Something came over me, ...ahhh, the possibilities!!! 

I could not control myself. Maybe It was all the home and garden TV I was watching way too much of, or maybe it was the Ugly Betty re-runs. Whatever it was,  I knew that I needed to learn to sew.

So, there was the mission… teach myself to sew.

Equipped with my mom on speed dial, a vintage sewing book and the internet, I was ready to go.

Needless to say I bought way more than a stamp pad.

I needed to start somewhere, so there was no better place to start than with Bags.

Here are a few I made as gifts.




Now I am completely hooked.

Look Forward to some awesome tutorials!

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