Day 8 – Garden Grow

CaptureGardenGrowDay 8 – Garden Grow


Well, we are on day 8. How is everyone holding up?

Today’s coloring page is garden grow.  A little conservation never hurt anyone. Have a great day everyone!

Speaking of conservation….watch your food grow. This is great for kids or adults! Science is for everyone! Watch daily progress and learn all about how food grows.  And honestly….when the shelves went bare at the grocery store and I couldn’t get onion, my green onion and my parsley was a pleasure to have. Apartment gardening is still gardening ;D


*I would love to see you with your finished products!

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Adventures of Caterpillar Friend

This is just a fun photo post for anyone that did not see the daily updates of Caterpillar Friend on Twitter or Facebook:

How I met Caterpillar Friend…

So let’s start at the beginning. It all started with the balcony…


and my loved tomato plant that I grew from a rotten tomato.


The tomato plant grew to almost 6 feet tall! It was full of tomatoes and lots of pretty green leaves. One morning I went out to water the tomato plant and noticed half the leaves were gone, and the other half were all chewed up. So I explored and explored.

Then I found them, little caterpillars all over the plant!

I refuse to use pesticides or anything like that, so I just sat there picking them off for relocation to the park across the street.

But…I kept one…for the love of science, in a very cozy jar 😀


(No caterpillars were harmed during the making of this post!)


day 2









He didnt want to go at first but once he realized he could fly I let him go.

I love science! Do you?

Photo Friday – Birds Nest Fungi!

Birds Nest Fungi

It’s no secret that I have had a life long obsession with fungi.  I dig mold, lichen and Mushrooms! I am completely fascinated on all levels. So I was so excited when I found this Bird Nest Mushroom in Oklahoma last spring. I have always wanted to find this kind but they are so tiny! They are only about 1/4 inch in diameter.

We were out walking with the neighbor’s dog when she lead us down the street to a neighbor’s pond. I was looking for mushrooms but not that kind. It was fate, I dropped something and when I picked it up I noticed the Birds Nest Fungi right next to it! I took some home and experimented. I watered it everyday and it actually grew! It was fun!

birds nest fungi

The little “nests” or fruiting body holds the little “eggs” which are spore filled.  The nests are called “peridia” (“peridium” in the singular), they work like splash cups, raindrops fall into the nest, then the eggs (called “periodoles”) are thrown into the air, where they latch onto twigs, branches, leaves, and then continue to grow.

birds nest fungi 3