Well Owl Be! Make Your Own Wall Decorations

Making your own wall art is fun and easy!
Materials Needed:

  • material
  • canvas
  • paint brushes
  • turpentine (if using Oil)
  • Mod Podge
  1. Gather your materials.
  2. Make sure your canvas is clean, if you notice any dust or dirt give it a wipe.
  3. Start with the oil paint. The owl canvas is painted simple black, but you could depending on your fabric create awesome backgrounds.  I love the richness of oil paint, but it is serious stuff. It is slow drying so you can add colors and mix colors.  It does however, take a while to dry. So if you are using oil this process is going to take days rather than hours.
  4. While drying find your fabric and cut out some designs.  Trim any fly away treads. I cut out an owl
  5. Brush the Mod Podge over the fabric cut outs and apply to the canvas. Once placed on the canvas brush the Mod Podge over the top of the fabric.
  6. Let dry.
  7. Once dry, spray with sealer.
  8. Let dry.
  9. Once that is done, I added the small rhinestones with more Mod Podge.



This is fun, really inexpensive project to quickly update the look of any room. You could do this project alone, with your kids, or friends!

If you do not want to make one but still want one you can purchase this one! Visit SugarBeetCrafts on Etsy https://www.etsy.com/listing/180332961/owl-friend-canvas?ref=shop_home_active_20

Santa Monica Glow Arts Festival 2013

The Glow Arts festival in Santa Monica California is a huge art project created to bring the community together.  The festival was Saturday, September 28th from 7 pm to 3 am from Santa Monica Beach to Palisades Park.

According to glowsantamonica.org the festival is “An All-Night cultural experience that re-imagines Santa Monica Beach as a playground for original, participatory works of art.”

Glow Artists:

Aphidoidea, Karen Atkinson, Steve Boyer, Mathieu Briand, Jedediah Caesar, Janet Echelman, Marni Gittleman, Steven Hull, Glenn Kaino, Shana Koenig, Rebeca Mendez, Vap Tinkerers with Jonathan Bijur, Victoria Vesna and DJOKO Walujo

We went down for a little bit to check everything out. It was cool. I was shocked at how many people showed up, I had no idea it was such a big event. All the exhibits lit up in some way, some were interactive and throughout the night there were performances. It was neat.

Check it out..




where have I been?

where have I been?

Hello everyone, I am so sorry for the disappearing act.
A few months ago my boyfriends mother was diagnosed with cancer.
So we packed up our stuff and have temporarily moved 1200 miles away from Santa Monica California to a small town outside of Tulsa Oklahoma. .. Skiatook Oklahoma. Just north-east of Tulsa.
Thank goodness the operations went well and she is doing fantastic, they were able to remove the cancer and is recovering nicely at home.

Our 4th day here, and we start to have storms. I am not sure where you are, but if you know California, you know it really has no weather. Our storms last a day then go away. … Now Oklahoma on the other hand is a whole other story.
These storm clouds are nasty! The thunder roars on forever and its so hot and muggy it feels like you just stepped out of a steam room.

So I was outside weeding the strawberry’s when the thunder and lightning started. …. then I noticed the sky, and a feeling came over me that I can’t explain.

The whole area, that is usually filled with all sorts of noises was completely silent and it was so still, the horses started to freak out and run back and forth.
I stared at this spot in the sky, it was light everywhere but there. It was pitch black.
Then I noticed it was “swirling” and I thought uh oh, even I know that is not a good sign.
So my boyfriend came over, the sky turned green, and he said um … That’s a tornado, it was hard to see because it was rain wrapped. so we dashed inside to see what was happening on the news.
There was a tornado spotted a mile and a half away!!!
So we get my cat into a carrier and jump into the car, because it looked like it was headed straight for us and we knew the roads well enough to get away.
But by the time we hit the drive way it had passed, which is what you see in the picture. It was much closer than that, but I was too busy having a panic attack to take real pictures.

Welcome to the mid-west!
So its been exciting. The same storm system is what leveled Moore Ok. We were super lucky. My heart goes out to all those families.

So anyway, I am still in Oklahoma, but brought my crafting stuff, so I should have some new posts up soon.

Have a wonderful Week!
I am off to feed the horses, dogs, cats and the puddle duck!