Day 11 – Owl Be Thinking of You

CaptureOwlBEDay 10 – Owl Be Thinking of You

I am missing a whole bunch of people right now. I bet you are too. Why not color them a pic and send it to them in the mail?

I myself have been isolated since March 13. Starting to go a bit stir crazy, but hanging in there. My job is still closed until March 31st, but it is probably going to be longer than that realistically. Life is so surreal right now. Just know you are not alone.

Keep hanging in there.


::big hugs::


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A New Finished Project!

A New Finished Project!

I had this round white canvas and this extra pocket. I had no idea how this was going to turn out. I had no plan in mind, but I actually really like how it turned out a whole lot. The beads were the best touch, it looked really unfinished before. The beads also really brighten the whole thing. I love how little touches make a big difference.

Would you like to own it? I am selling it here —>