Day 8 – Garden Grow

CaptureGardenGrowDay 8 – Garden Grow


Well, we are on day 8. How is everyone holding up?

Today’s coloring page is garden grow.  A little conservation never hurt anyone. Have a great day everyone!

Speaking of conservation….watch your food grow. This is great for kids or adults! Science is for everyone! Watch daily progress and learn all about how food grows.  And honestly….when the shelves went bare at the grocery store and I couldn’t get onion, my green onion and my parsley was a pleasure to have. Apartment gardening is still gardening ;D


*I would love to see you with your finished products!

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Cinco De Mayo 2014!

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Cinco De Mayo is Monday, May 5th. I am Mexican, German, English, Irish, and Spanish, so I love the plethora of celebrations throughout the year! Famous for backyard bbq’s, vibrant colors, loud music and celebration, Cinco de Mayo”the Fifth of May,” is a Mexican Holiday that actually celebrates the Battle of Puebla. This battle took place on May 5, 1862.

Check out more facts at: –

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Have a wonderful holiday everyone! Be SAFE!! ….I mean it 😀

First Day of Spring

Today is the first day of spring and a Vernal Equinox! Finally longer days and warmer nights!

So what is an equinox? The day of the equinox, the center of the Sun spends  just about the same amount of time above and below the horizon, so basically night and day are just about the same length.

It is a perfect time to get your seeds going. You can easily start your seedlings in a window sill. I like to reuse items, so I used tin cans.  A punch makes it easy to make labels for your seeds.


After about  few weeks they will start to sprout and ready to move.

window garden 2

Happy Gardening! Have a wonderful first day of spring!

Do you have plans to start a garden?

Vegan Frozen Custard Recipe

Vegan Frozen Custard Recipe

I am allergic to dairy, when I eat it my throat swell up and I get a cough. This makes me very sad.

In the spirit of National Frozen custard day, I did a little research.

I found a vegan recipe that actually looks like something I can do.  It comes from Naomi at Better and she also includes variations, which also look amazing.

Now I am happy!