Recycled Syrup Bottle – into a beaded 4 leaf clover vase

My boyfriend’s mother is a wiz at finding 4 leaf clovers. She was keeping them in an old empty syrup bottle from Cracker Barrel. It was begging  to be decorated, a 4 leaf clover is special, so it should have a special home.  So I did what I do best, I put beads on it.

Have you ever seen an object you just had to decorate?  I would love to know please leave a comment.

Small bottle of syrup from Cracker Barrel




September at Sugar Beet Crafts


September is a fantastic month, and not just because I am finally home from Oklahoma! September is the start of a new season. Kids are back in school and the cool air starts to creep up turning leaves a wonderful blend of fall colors.

It is a month full of cultural diversity, planet awareness, self-improvement and much much more. Over the next few weeks I will be highlighting the many bizarre and unique holidays celebrated in the month of September.

September is:
Classical Music Month
Hispanic Heritage Month
Fall Hat Month
International Square Dancing Month
National Blueberry Popsicle Month
National Courtesy Month
National Piano Month
Chicken Month
Baby Safety Month
Little League Month
Honey Month
Self Improvement Month
Better Breakfast Month

Phew! keep an eye out!
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I hope you have a wonderful day!

See you soon!